Changing Your Online Dating Mindset

Geplaatst op 01-03-2023

Categorie: Lifestyle

Use free online dating and find amazing new friends as a result!

Rather than thinking of free online dating as simply a place to DATE and find sex (a popular current dating mindset) lets start thinking of online dating as a place to look for new friends.

By searching for cool new people to hang out with you change your mindset form stalking predator to open minded friend.

Here is an example:

You are open to meet anyone even if they already have boyfriends! Your associations with the people you meet online are purely friendship based but will most likely become much more serious.

You are open to the fact these women could find you attractive and that they might want to sleep with you. You are open to anything that could happen.

This mindset is different to most guys… Most guys place huge pressure on themselves to succeed and if they don’t get dates or there dates don’t go to well then they failed. By just looking for friends you completely remove all reason to be stressed out.

This way you act far more natural, your genius and witty nature flows out of you like it does with your mates and as a result you make new friends.

It just so happens that the women that are now your friends are amazing hot girls that would love to go out with you. And if they don’t like you (which some inevitably will) then it’s no loss!

You have other friends… You have other dates. Plus think of all of the friends that your new friends have? Finding love and connection through association is the best way to go about finding a girlfriend anyway.

By removing the pressure to succeed you will find that free online dating can be very fun indeed! Once you overcome the silly fear of exposing yourself online and put up a real picture of yourself you will realise how silly you were acting.

You will start to receive many contact requests from members because they can associate a name with a face AND because they noticed that your intent is for friendship.

Many women are interested in becoming friends with guys first before they do anything and because so few other guys are doing this you will be very popular.

Be open and honest (but slightly mysterious)

You are doing this free online dating thing because it is fun and because you are a little bored… NOT because you are DESPERATE for love and affection from women (even if you are)

The moment you come across needy and wimpy a women will very quickly become disinterested in you.

Use free online dating sites like face book – a place to connect with friends – except YOU are able to add friends outside your social circle who are keen on dating!

Remember you are their to hang out and chat – not to jump their bones at the first indicator of interest.